Upgrade to Nottingham Cycle Parks

Thanks to Government funding, an upgrade to the entry systems at all Nottingham Cycle Parks across Greater Nottinghamshire is taking place this spring.

All twenty CCTV monitored Cycle Parks will be fitted with brand new readers that allow customers to scan in and out of the Cycle Parks using their smartphones. This reliable and convenient improvement will remove the necessity for customers to carry around their access card with them. Customers being able to access the Cycle Parks through a unique smart credential on their smartphone/watch will also greatly improve the security of the Cycle Parks.

The upgrades to the Cycle Parks also follow the opening of the new Broad Marsh Cycle Park. Situated on the Collin Street side of the Broad Marsh, this new facility has over 100 spaces and can cater for accessible and cargo bikes. Travelling into the city via bike using our newly extended cross-city cycle route? The Broad Marsh Cycle Park now offers yet more secure cycle storage capacity, with other locations including Trinity Square Car Park, Fletcher Gate Car Park and St Ann’s Street.

Existing customers will be invited via email to switch to a smart credential from Friday 3rd May 2024. To switch from the access card to smart credentials, customers will need to fill in this form. Existing customers will have until Monday 1st July 2024 to register for their free personalised smart credentials to use via their smartphone/watch. After Monday 1st July 2024 they will be charged as a new customer. Should customers not have access to a smartphone/watch, please see the below FAQs.

Prices for the 2024/25 year have been frozen. For just £12 per year, the Nottingham Cycle Parks scheme is brilliant value for money for those travelling actively in Nottingham.
To find out more and sign up for the Nottingham Cycle Parks scheme, please visit this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to have a Nottingham Cycle Parks subscription but don’t have a smartphone, can I still have a subscription?

Yes. When registering as a new customer using our online form, customers have the option to select that they don’t want to use smart credentials to access the Cycle Parks.

I am an existing customer and want to keep using my green Nottingham Cycle Parks card, is this possible?

Yes. In cases where customers aren’t able to use smartphones, they can retain their existing green card. Existing green cards will have to be validated on our new system. To validate an existing card, customers must either:

Option 1:

  1. Swipe your existing green card onto the new, silver framed reader at any Cycle Park
  2. Email info@osltd.co with your full name, address, Cycle Park that you swiped card at, and the time that you did this.
  3. Please allow for up to three working days for notification that your card has been validated

Option 2:

  1. Attend any Nottingham Cycle Parks site. Make sure that you have green Cycle Parks Card with you when attending site.
  2. When at a Cycle Parks site, call Oracle Surveillance Ltd on 08453 701703. Please leave a Voicemail if there is no answer and state the below after swiping your card on the new reader.
  3. Confirm current location and your name, postcode, email address and what time you have swiped your card on the new, silver framed reader of the Cycle Park that you are at
  4. Please allow for up to three working days for notification that your card has been validated

The new reader looks like the below image:

Can I have my green access card and smartphone access?

No. To protect the security of all cycles in our Cycle Parks, users can only have one means of access.

Will this switch impact my subscription renewal date?

No. Customers’ renewal dates will be transferred from the existing system to our new system. If customers are unsure what their renewal date is, please contact: nottinghamcycleparks@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

I haven’t used or renewed my Nottingham Cycle Parks card for a long time but I have an account and wish to switch to a smart credential. How do I do this?

You will need to register as a new customer here.

I want to renew my subscription and register for the smart credentials at the same time:

This can be done in two steps. Firstly, register for the smart credentials using this form. Then, follow this link to renew your subscription. You will then be notified of your new renewal date.

Can I share my account with someone I live with?

No. As with the green access cards, the smart credentials to access your subscription via a smartphone is unique per person. This helps maintain the security of the Cycle Parks for all users.

How are you contacting customers about the changes to the scheme?

Using our existing database, customers will receive an email on or shortly after Friday 3rd May 2024. Social media and newsletters will also be used to promote the changes and link customers to the registration form to switch to smart credentials. The Nottingham Tourism Centre on Smithy Row will also be able to advise, should customers wish to speak to staff face-to-face.

I’m having issues registering for the new system, how can I get in touch with someone?

The Oracle Surveillance ‘08453’ number is not working from my mobile phone. What do you advise I do?

Some 08 numbers are not included on mobile phone call allowance. Please try from your landline or email nottinghamcycleparks@nottinghamcity.gov.uk for support.

How is this upgrade being funded?

UK Government Transforming Cities Fund monies is being used to fund this upgrade to the entry control system for the Nottingham Cycle Parks. For more information about Nottingham City Council’s Transforming Cities Fund programme, click here.

Where can I find out more about the app?

Visit this website to find out more about the app.

What should the Paxton Key app look like when I open the app?

The app should look like this:

Do I use my smartphone/smartwatch on the existing readers?

No. New readers have been installed and you must use this to access the Cycle Parks.

If I switch to smart credentials, what should I do with my green access card?

Please cut your card into two and dispose of it.

If you would like to find out more about the Nottingham Cycle Parks scheme please visit this page