In June 2020, Nottingham and Derby City Councils received unprecedented financial backing from the Government when it gave the green light to a massive programme of transport improvements, funded through the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund.

This £161m package of schemes will strengthen connections between major employment sites, upgrade public transport, and improve options for people on foot or bike – an increasingly important investment to help keep both cities moving out of and beyond the Covid-19 crisis. It will also improve connections between the two cities.

The joint bid was the only one in the country to secure the full amount requested from the DfT. Further transport improvements will be carried out under the Future Transport Zone programme, after Nottingham was named as one of four areas in the country to trial innovate transport solutions and technologies.

The Government awarded a grant of £16.7 million for a number of schemes, including trials of electric scooters and e-bikes, and improvements to traffic information and ticketing.

All schemes meet the two key TCF objectives:

  • Supporting commuting, employment, development and economic growth
  • Reducing carbon

What are we doing?

You can find out more in the links below. Our bid secured funding for the following:

Encouraging active travel

Get updates on the Transforming Cities active travel projects here.

  • Nottingham and Derby cycle hire scheme
  • New pedestrian and cycle footbridge across the River Trent
  • Strategic cycle link connecting Nottingham and Derby
  • Improved cycle routes across the city centre
  • Queens Drive and Crossgate Drive cycle corridor
  • Wigman Road, Beechdale Road and Hollington Road cycle corridor
  • Hucknall Road cycle corridor
  • Improvements at Toll House Hill, Talbot Street, Poynton Street and Wollaton Street
  • Carlton Road cycle corridor
  • Nottingham ring road improvements
  • Nottingham Beeston canal towpath
  • River Leen, Wilkinson Street Park and Ride to Church Street
  • A612 cycle corridor extension
  • Improved public realm in the Broad Marsh area
  • Improved public realm and wayfinding in the Nottingham Castle area

Public transport improvements

Get updates on the Transforming Cities public transport projects here.

  • Boots Enterprise Zone (Thane Road) bus and ULEV priority lane
  • Victoria and Bulwell Bus Station improvements
  • Level crossing improvements at Carey Road, Stockhill, David Lane and Colwick
  • Bus priority package on the A610 Nottingham to Cinderhill
  • Bus priority corridor on the A609, A610 and A60
  • Bus lane and traffic light priority
  • Bus lane enforcement cameras
  • Installation of improved traffic flow software
  • Improvements to the real-time displays
  • Medilink improvements on University of Nottingham campus
  • Tram Park and Ride expansion
  • Leapool Park and Ride
  • Improvements to the Robin Hood network smart ticketing system

Enhancing electric transport options

Get updates on the Transforming Cities enhancing electric transport options here.

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