Broad Marsh Car Park

Broad Marsh Car Park

How do I get into the car park?

The entrance is now located in Canal Street, which can be accessed via London Road.

This series of videos shows how to get to the car park from six key routes in the city:

How much does it cost?

Information on parking costs can be found here.

How many spaces are there?

There are 1,304 spaces in total over six floors, including 1,200 car parking bays – including 81 spaces for electric vehicle charging – Blue Badge bays, and 90 motorcycle spaces.

Where are the Blue Badge spaces?

There are 38 Blue Badge bays located over floors 2 and 3. There are five lifts available down to the lower ground floor, where there are exits to Middle Hill and Carrington Street.

What is the height restriction?

The height restrictions are: 2m20 or 7′ 3 inch

Can I use the car park to drop off/pick up at the bus station?

Yes. There is a 20-minute grace period for dropping off and picking up passengers for the bus station.

How green is the new car park?

720 solar panels on the roof of the new Broad Marsh Car Park are expected to save more than 53 tonnes of carbon in its first year – that’s the equivalent of driving a standard car almost 500,000 miles!

A total of 81 fast EV charge points – the largest installation in one location in the UK – will make it easier for people to drive greener.

Additional sustainability measures at the car park and bus station include:

  • A vehicle management system which consists of electronic signs and lights showing available parking spaces, reducing vehicle movements and congestion
  • Sensor controlled safety doors to the bus concourse. Doors will only open and close when the bus is in the bay, ensuring passenger safety, helping to retain a warm waiting area, and reducing exposure to fumes
  • An installation of 720 solar panels on the roof, providing renewable electrical energy to power the car park and bus station
  • Sensor controlled ventilation system which adapts with the car park ventilation requirements, removing harmful fumes
  • Charging infrastructure for buses to cater for future requirements
  • Highly intelligent and energy efficient lighting
  • Energy Performance Certificate ‘A’ rated
  • ‘A’ rated efficient boilers
  • Use of highly recyclable materials, including steel, concrete and glass
  • Use of long life and low maintenance materials for the deck coatings and bus station
  • Changes taking place around the new building will create new pedestrianised spaces and introduce bus-only sections of road by moving traffic away from the city centre, as well as increasing planting and greenery in the area.

EV charging

How do I use the electric vehicle charge points?

The charge points are operated by bp pulse as part of the D2N2 charging network, and are all powered using renewable energy. Motorists can pay via bp pulse’s website or app.

What type of chargers are they?

A mixture of 7 kW and 22 kW fast chargers are available on levels 2-5 of the car park.

2nd floor: 2x twin outlets 22 kW – disabled bays 4x

3rd floor: 1x single 7 kW outlet, 6x twin outlets 7 kW

4th floor: 19x twin outlets 7 kW, 4x twin outlets 22 kW (located in the far north-west corner)

5th floor: 9x twin outlets 7 kW

Total = 81 outlets (6x twin 22 kW, 34x twin 7 kW, 1x single 7 kW)

What’s nearby?

Within a five minute walk of Broad Marsh Car Park you can…

  • Visit the newly revamped Nottingham Castle, discover the castle of curious rebels and explore the network of caves beneath
  • Enjoy the thriving nightlife of independent bars and cafes along the canal side
  • Access large employers including Capital One and HMRC
  • Access the new Nottingham College campus
  • Head to Nottingham Station – the biggest in the East Midlands with connections across the country
  • City centre shops, restaurants, bars and cafes
  • The Old Market Square, soon to be home to Nottingham’s Christmas attractions
  • The historic Lace Market area, including City of Caves, Nottingham Contemporary and the National Justice Museum.

Why is it harder to get to the car park from Maid Marian Way now?

The old road layout severed the city and meant that people had to cross eight busy lanes of traffic when arriving at the station to reach the city centre. We want to turn this area into a place for people rather than cars, and create a more welcoming environment for people to linger in. The Southern Relief Route (detailed in the map above) is a more appropriate route for through traffic connecting Maid Marian Way with London Road and the entrance to the car park.

Before – Canal Street with four lanes of traffic


Now – a much more attractive gateway to the city, with buses only and improved public realm


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Broad Marsh Car Park

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Broad Marsh Car Park

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