Nottingham City Council is working hard to keep Nottingham safe and get you where you need to be in winter weather.

Our teams are ready with:

  • Our seven 17-tonne gritting trucks
  • 3000 tonnes of grit
  • 200 grit bins in priority locations

We grit 445km of Nottingham’s roads every wintry night – our top priority is keeping the city moving, especially those routes used by the emergency services and public transport.

The busiest roads are gritted first – the ones people use to get to schools, workplaces and hospitals.

You can use grits from one of our 200 grit bins to grit the pavement on your street, or use ordinary table salt on steps and paths.

We have around 200 yellow grit bins placed around the city, sited in places with steep slopes or in areas that are particularly exposed to the elements.

You can contact the gritting team by calling 0115 9152000 or via email

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Winter driving advice

Remember to take extra care when driving in poor weather conditions this winter.

During the cold winter nights, Nottingham City Council recommends that drivers pay greater care and attention to driving in wintry conditions.

Snow, frost, ice and spray on the roads mean that in addition to poor visibility, stopping distances increase and drivers should be prepared for the unexpected on the road.

Nottingham City Council is asking drivers to:

  • be informed – check traffic and weather updates
  • be prepared – check your vehicle is ready for winter and always carry an emergency kit including warm and waterproof clothing
  • be aware – in severe weather the Council and Highways Agency winter teams need the time and space to do their job
  • be wise – conditions may change, drive with care and full attention

Nottingham’s Winter Plan

Planning for the winter weather is something that goes un-noticed until the bad weather arrives. Behind the scenes a lot of detailed work goes into making sure that the City Council has a robust plan to deal with winter weather in a sustainable way.

Although we have managed recent poor winters well, the council is not complacent and reviews its winter weather service every year.

Please click here to download a copy of our Winter Service Plan. It provides an overview of how the council will respond to adverse weather during the winter period. You can also read our Winter Service FAQ document here.