Carlton Road - New Cycle Lane - July 2023

City Centre 20 mph


Most roads accross the city have had the speed limit reduced to 20mph. To improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists, encourage active travel, and to create lower speed neighbourhoods which are more pleasant for all.

71% of respondents in an informal consultation agreed or strongly agreed that reducing the city centre speed limit to 20mph would make the centre safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

61% of respondents said that this intervention would improve the city centre.

Enforcement has been implemented through signage at entrances/exits to the speed limit and within the limits themselves. After-surveys have shown that such measures have increased cycling in the city, whilst they’ve also contributed to Nottingham’s aim to improve air quality and to be carbon neutral by 2028. These measures have also sought to reduce noise pollution across the city.

Map showing area consulted on in 2022.

Map showing the are aconsulted on to become 20mph

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Cross City Cycle Routes

In January 2024 work commenced on the Fisher Gate/Pennyfoot Street/ Parliament Street junction.

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Carlton Road Cycle Schemes

You may have already used the new crossing facility installed at the bottom of Porchester Road. We are now looking to provide enhanced cycle and crossing facilities along Carlton Road and connect to this crossing.

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Porchester Road Active Travel Scheme

Nottingham City Council have been awarded over £1.7million from the Active Travel Fund for investment along Porchester Road in Mapperley.

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