Beechdale Road and Wigman Road Improvements

Visualisation of new cycle infrastructure on Wigman Road

We are proposing upgraded facilities along Beechdale Road, Hollington Road and Wigman Road to create a safer environment for people walking and cycling.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen more people becoming active. Cycling has fantastic benefits for physical and mental wellbeing, and by replacing those shorter car journeys, we can all help to reduce harmful emissions and help the city achieve its target of being carbon neutral by 2028.

Using the latest design standards, the proposals will include replacing the existing cycle lanes as well as improvements to junctions and pedestrian crossing facilities. These improvements would create better connections to the wider cycle network, and provide a safer highway for local residents, businesses and schools.

The key features of the proposed improvements are:

  • Segregated single-way cycle lanes on both sides of Wigman Road
  • Segregated single-way cycle lanes at the end of Beechdale Road, at the junction with Western Boulevard)
  • Segregated two-way cycle lane on the north side of Hollington Road and the first section of Beechdale Road
  • Junction and pedestrian crossing improvements.

Working in partnership, Nottingham City and Derby City Councils secured £161 million from the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund to investin local transport infrastructure that will improve sustainable transport, support growth, and encourage more low carbon journeys.

Consultation responses

A consultation on the proposed scheme ran for four weeks in October 2021. People were invited to respond online, and we also ran a drop-in event at Harvey Hadden Sports Village.

Consultation event

Consultation event

We received 228 responses, with a total of 62.7 per cent supporting the scheme somewhat or to a great extent.

Graph showing level of support for proposals

Respondents were asked specifically whether they supported the proposal to remove the central refuge along the first part of Beechdale Road and Hollington Road – 60.6 per cent of respondents supported this somewhat or to a great extent.

Graph showing level of support for removing the central refuge

Finally, we asked how strongly people thought they would cycle more as a result of these proposals. As a result, 34.7 per cent of respondents strongly agreed or agreed, while 51.5 per cent disagreed or strongly disagreed.

Graph showing whether people would cycle more

Positive comments included:

  • Improved cyclist safety
  • Better crossing facilities
  • Would help to create a more pleasant environment.

The key concerns raised about the proposal related to:

  • The potential impact removing the central refuge might have on traffic volume and speed
  • The potential adverse impact on businesses if parking outside shops was reduced
  • Concerns that crossing the roads would be made more difficult
  • The roundabout/T-junction layout at Bathurst Drive
  • The potential adverse impact on access to driveways.

There was a mixed response to the proposal to change the Bathurst Drive roundabout to a T-junction, with some respondents concerned that it would increase driver speeds and make it more difficult for residents to enter Wigman Road from Bathurst Drive. Others liked this proposal and thought the new layout made more sense for all road users.

The potential impact on access to parked vehicles for disabled residents and visitors as a result of new kerbs and crossing the cycle lane was also raised.

What happens now?

The scheme is now in the detailed design stage which will reflect and take on board the views collected in the consultation.

As part of this, we will be arranging further engagement with businesses on Beechdale Road to address concerns around access and parking.

We will also look to alter some of the existing traffic calming features and where possible provide additional pedestrian crossing points.

We will then start to programme in the construction works which could start in late 2022.  Notifications will be made in advance of works starting.