Travel Well Group Bike Rides

June 24, 2024

Travel Well

The team recently met with a resident, Jessica, who had been on some Travel Well activities provided by Women in Tandem.  We asked how they got on.

How did you find out about the Travel Well – Women in Tandem Group Ride and the workshop?

I found out through Instagram. I was looking for some group rides to get me out on my bike and I found Women in Tandem.

What did you think of the ride?  What did you think of the workshop?

I love the rides. They are supportive and friendly. The Saturday rides are a good introduction into longer rides.

Completing the workshop has meant I am more confident to take my bike out on my own. If I have a puncture I know I will be able to fix it!

What difference has it made to you?

It has given me the confidence to explore gravel riding and bike packing. I recently went on an Introduction to Bikepacking weekend with Sisters in the Wild. It was amazing and I am now planning more adventures on my bike.

What’s your favourite thing about cycling?

The freedom it allows me.

How can others get referred into Travel Well or find out more about what is happening in their area?

You can self-refer or get referred by your healthcare professional. I use Instagram to find out about the Women In Tandem rides happening in the area.

To find out more about Travel Well, including more information on the referral process and events happening in the community, please visit the Travel Well page.

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