Councillor Radford on staying active

As part of our Travel Well programme, we caught up with Councillor Radford to see how he keeps active.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in Bulwell where I’ve been the councillor for five years. I hike as a hobby and enjoy walking in the Peak District or even locally too. I don’t get as much time to cycle as I used to but I still like to cycle up to Newstead Abbey and back whenever I have the opportunity.

How has being more active benefitted you?

I feel much healthier when I’ve been more active and less out of breath and less sluggish. I try and get my step counter up to 10,000 steps a day as a daily target. It’s easy enough to do if you choose to walk to some places if you can, rather than get the bus or drive.

What’s your favourite thing about walking / cycling?

For me, not just the physical benefits, but the wealth of mental health benefits too. After a walk or a bike ride it always feels like any mental fog or muddled thoughts have been cleared and straightened out. There’s plenty of areas on my doorstep in Bulwell that offer great opportunities to just leave the house and go for a walk or a bike ride.

How will the Travel Well activities help people in your area?

Bulwell ranks quite poorly on the league tables for physical health, with health inequality a real issue and one that has a massive impact on the quality of life for people. Being able to access activities that are easily available and in most cases right on your doorstep, takes away some of the barriers some people face when it comes to being more active.

Is there any advice you’d give to people who want to be more active?

It all starts with finding the motivation to put the trainers on and get out the front door. But trying to find ways to fit in extra activity while going about your daily routine can help. If you’ve gone out to the shops for example, maybe take a longer route back home. Or if you’re heading somewhere and you’ve got time perhaps walk it there. Just little ways here and there where you can fit in some extra activity.


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