Want access to a car but not the costs that come with it?

Enterprise Car Club could be the solution for you – and Nottingham residents can benefit from £50 off annual membership for the first year.

As a member you can book a car online or over the phone minutes or months ahead of time and use remotely activated smartcards to unlock the vehicle. At the end of the journey you return your car to its dedicated on-street car club parking space, so you are always guaranteed a space.

If you have a Citycard you can use this as your membership card by simply calling Enterprise Car Club on 0345 266 9290 and advising that you would like to use your Citycard to access vehicles instead of your Enterprise Car Club membership card. It’s advised that you are with the car when you do this so that no other card is registered accidentally by passers by.

Nottingham residents – use the code NOT10 to join for just £10 plus £10 free driving credit, and look out for other seasonal offers.


Benefits of Using a Car Club

  • Save you money – drivers who do less than 7,000 miles per year could save around £3,500 through petrol, insurance, tax and general car maintenance cost savings

  • 24/7 access to vehicles in Nottingham and other participating cities

  • No parking hassles – each car has its own designated bay

  • Cleaner and greener – many of the vehicles are hybrid or fully electric

  • Reduce the number of cars on the road – one car club car can result in removing 24 private vehicles off the road, due to members eventually selling their own car in place of a membership

  • Local businesses can also benefit as a car club hire can deliver a lower cost per mile than a fleet or pool car journey

Car Clubs and On-street Parking

  • Fulforth Street

  • Regent Street

  • Castle Gate (2 vehicles)

  • Canal Street

  • Station Street (2 vehicles)

  • Barker Gate (2 vehicles)

  • Castle Road

  • Clarendon Street Car Park (Djanogly International Centre)

  • Bath Street 

  • Manvers Street – offers a fully electric Nissan Leaf

  • Trent Basin 

  • NG2 

  • Spondon Street offers a fully electric Nissan Leaf

  • Denman Street offers a fully electric Nissan Leaf

  • Southglade Leisure Centre offers a fully electric Nissan Leaf

  • Djanogly Leisure Centre offers a fully electric Nissan Leaf
Coming soon!
  • Harvey Hadden Sports Village

Operated by Enterprise Car Club, the scheme is supported by REMOURBAN and ties in with Nottingham City Council’s transport and sustainable objectives that are set out within the Nottingham Growth Plan, Sustainable community strategy and the Local Transport Plan.

Car Club Offers

Better than half price residential membership

Residents in Nottingham city can benefit from better than half price membership with Enterprise Car Club in their first year. Simply visit the Enterprise Car Club website and use the code NOT10 to get your first year for just £10. Don’t want to sign up to an annual membership? You’ll still get £10 driving credit.

Under 22 Car Hire

To help our under 22 year olds access a car without the often large associated costs of tax and insurance, Enterprise Car Club is offering £6 a month membership fees for all under 22s. As long as you are at least 19 years old, have held a full driving license for at least a year, and have no more than six points on your licence you can apply. Find out more about the Under 22 scheme at the Enterprise Car Club website.