Let’s keep Nottingham moving is about taking proactive steps to manage the city’s transport network. This is achieved through coordinated planning, enforcement and by promoting alternative transport choices. This will get traffic flowing better and help to tackle congestion and reduce air pollution. As well as offering citizens more options when deciding how they move around the city.

We are making improvements to the road network through:

  • Tackling congestion hot-spots to reduce delays.
  • Making our traffic signals work more efficiently using our traffic control centre and upgrading to smart signal technology.
  • Introducing ‘red routes’ around the city centre. These help keep traffic flowing on our most important through routes.
  • Removing street clutter. Not just an eye sore street clutter can cause confusion for all road users.
  • Live information on bus and tram arrivals, but also real time parking space numbers can help you to plan your journey.

We are planning major roadworks better by:

  • Wherever possible we aim to issue roadworks notices at least seven days in advance
  • If roadworks cause diversions or delays we will clearly explain these on the ground and on our website and direct mailing
  • All roadworks projects have a contact number and email so we can answer any of your questions
  • We avoid working on the roads during peak times. Sometimes this is unavoidable, but wherever possible we will not work during rush hour. We try to plan disruptive works, such as road closures for holidays, weekends or evenings when they will cause the least impact.
  • Working together with utility companies and other authorities helps us all to better coordinate our roadworks. This means we can avoid digging up the same sections of roads multiple times and reduce the disruption this can cause.
  • We have high communications expectations. When utility companies apply for a permit to work on the road we set standards for how they should notify with local residents and businesses.

We are managing network better through

  • Our traffic control centre uses CCTV to monitor traffic flow and see where traffic is building up, they can then change the priority of signals to keep traffic moving freely.
  • Our live information Twitter feed @NottmTravelwise has up to the minute congestion warnings to alert motorists to current delays – if you don’t follow it you should!
  • For non urgent roadworks we are responsive to the needs of road users. During peak times or busy events, we pull back our roadworks to help get traffic moving again.
  • If any utility or other companies overrun or don’t comply with roadworks notices they are fined accordingly.

We are taking enforcement action against inconsiderate motorists causing congestion

  • Using CCTV to monitor & fine motorists driving in bus lanes or stopping on red routes
  • If cars are illegally parked and blocking routes they are swiftly towed away
  • In the city centre we have specific delivery times, to ensure that our streets are kept clear for citizens to enjoy.
  • Taxis who break operating rules are issued with penalty points.

We aim to promote transport choice by

  • Expanding our park & ride capacity –Take the hassle out of your journey, we have over 4,000 parking spaces that connect with our tram and bus network.
  • Nottingham is an exemplar city for ultra low emission vehicles. We are investing in new infrastructure to support electric car usage.
  • Within the city centre the Robin Hood Smart card is the best way to take advantage of our integrated transport network. It can be used on multiple bus companies and the tram.
  • The workplace parking levy was put in place to help tackle congestion, this money has been used to dramatically improve transport within the city including the tram extension and redeveloping Nottingham station.
  • We have invested heavily in cycling infrastructure around the city, new bike lanes and secure bike parking are improving safety for Nottingham’s cyclists.
  • Our business advice service offers grants to businesses to promote sustainable travel. This could be upgrading fleets to electric cars or installing showers to improve facilities for cyclists, there are loads of options and we are here to help.
  • Car Club – only drive occasionally? Our car hire scheme might be the right fit for you.
  • CityCard cycle hire offers short and long term bike hire. The new electronic booking system is quick and easy to use so grab a bike and get pedalling!