Cut your cancer risk by cycling to work!

Cycling is a fantastic way to get anywhere at all, but Thursday 3 August is all about cycling to work!

If you live under ten miles from work, (or even further if you have an e-bike or are super fit), cycling is easily the best way to commute!

Some of the benefits of cycling include:

  • It’s so much cheaper than running a car! Once you own one, the running costs for a bike are usually no more than £100 a year for servicing and parts – and they run on fat not planet – killing fossil fuels
  • The impact of cycling on your mental health is extremely beneficial too – not only is cycling a nice mindful buffer at the beginning and end of your work day, it’s far less stressful than driving or often commuting by public transport can be
  • Part of why it’s so good for your mental health is cycling is a lot of fun! You’re out and about, experiencing nature and you get the satisfaction of peddling past stationary traffic
  • It’s brilliant for your health! It’s a low-impact way of getting fitter that’s much better for your joints than something like running and is accessible to almost everyone – and it’s easy to incorporate as part of your day as you pop to the shops or to work
  • It’s great for the local economy – those on bike and on foot tend to pop into shops and cafes

So why not give it a go! If you know someone at your workplace who cycles in, ask them what routes they use and if they could show you, or take a look at the Nottingham cycle map to see how you could cycle to work on segregated or quieter cycle routes.