Have your say on proposed changes to public transport in Nottingham City Council’s budget consultation

Nottingham City Council currently has severe financial pressures, and has issued a section 114 notice, meaning it cannot set a balanced budget. This means that many services and facilities that the Council funds or operates but does not have a statutory duty to do are being reviewed.

In this context, possible service reduction proposals for public transport are set out below:

Proposal: Link Bus Network reduced to minimum service level 

What will this mean: Reducing tendered services to a level which provides a minimum bus service to most residents in the city.

The Easylink service offers door to door travel for people who have difficulty using conventional public transport.

This could mean;

L2 – a limited daily peak service in the morning and evening. Then every three hours on three days a week during the day.
L4 – every two hours in the daytime on three days a week.
L14 – every three hours on three days a week.
Easylink – Withdrawal of this service.
School Service A2 – Withdrawal of this service at the end of this academic year in July 2024.
18a – Funding support for this service between Wollaton, Bramcote and Beeston would be withdrawn.

Proposal: Medilink withdrawal of funding

What will this mean: Council financial support for the Medilink service is removed. Over half the funding for the service comes from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, and the Council will work with the NHS Trust on how the service might look in the future.

Proposal: Withdraw funding to Victoria Bus Station

What will this mean – Withdraw funding in place to manage the operation of the bus station. The Council will work with the owner of the Victoria Centre to identify any alternative management arrangements that could be implemented.

Proposal: Close the Queens Drive and Racecourse Park and Ride sites

What will this mean – The Queens Drive Park and Ride and Racecourse Park and Ride sites would be closed.  For Queens Drive, the Council will work with the NHS Trust about possible future arrangements should Medilink continue to operate in some form.

Proposal: Switch off the bus stop real time information signs

What will this mean – Screens at bus stops and key locations across the city currently provide live information on when the next bus services are due to arrive. They also provide information on disruption to buses and information to passengers in relation to new and existing services. This proposal would see these screens turned off within the city area, with alternative information available via social media or through written timetable posters at bus stops.

Proposal: removal of on-street Robin Hood ticket machines

What will this mean –  Robin Hood Card products are available for purchase through a number of outlets, including the City Centre Travel Centre, on street ticket machines, on line (website), through Mobile Service (Android and Apple Mobile Apps) and from ticket machines at tram stops. Use of on street machines has significantly reduced in recent years as customers move to alternative outlets and so the proposal is to reduce or remove these machines.

We would value your feedback on these proposals, please take the time to review and share your thoughts.