River Leen Greenway Improvements – Maun Avenue to Poulter Close

This project will improve part of the route along the River Leen, creating a more enjoyable and usable walking and cycling route.

What’s happening?

The changes will include new lighting and improved crossing facilities to make cycling and walking journeys along the route easier and safer. The project will be split into two phases, the first will be between Midland Way and Maun Avenue and the second will cover the park and playground between Maun Avenue and Poulter Close.

Works include:
Phase One:
  • New dropped pedestrian and cycle crossing on Midland Way outside Student Roost – Nottingham Two
  • Clearing of vegetation along the Leen path between Midland Way and New Road
  • Improved crossing at junction of Maun Avenue and New Road
Phase Two:
  • Rerouting of path through the park – play equipment will be moved (staying within the playground), allowing the path to stay next to the river

Please see overleaf for an overview plan of works. More detailed plans can be found on our website www.transportnottingham.com/projects/ under the title River Leen Greenway Improvements – Maun Avenue to Poulter Close

Work schedule

Works on Section One are expected to commence on Monday 26 September. Section Two is expected to follow on from Phase One in November.

How will this affect traffic?
  • Work will be 7.30am – 4pm Monday – Friday to keep noise to a minimum for residents. Disruption during the first phase will be minimal, access to properties will be maintained at all times.
  • The path through the park between Maun Avenue and Poulter Close will be closed during the works
How does this fit into the wider cycle network?

The works will improve the connections along the River Leen Greenway and make this route more appealing and direct for pedestrians and cyclists. The City Council wants to open up the route alongside the Leen as a walking and cycling route and where possible, provide local improvements as well.

Nottingham City Council apologises for any inconvenience that these works may cause and thanks you for your support and patience.

For further information please visit www.transportnottingham.com/projects/ or you can contact the Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Team at transport@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or call 07929 667400.

Plans of the scheme:
Plan 1 – showing the whole scheme
Plans showing new proposed path entrance on Poulter Close
Plan 2 – Start of path on Poulter Close
Plan showing new rerouted path through the park and playground alongside the river
Plan 3 – Rerouted, more direct path alongside the river through park/playground
Plan showing new entrance on Fleet Close to path alongside the railway
Plan 4 – New access to existing pathway alongside/over railway on Fleet Close
Plan showing proposed improved crossing facilities on New Road and Maun Avenue junction
Plan 5 – Improved crossing facilities on New Road and Maun Avenue junction
Plan showing proposed improved pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities on Midland Way
Plan 6 – New pedestrian and cycle crossing on Midland Way