Ten reasons to love the bus 💜🚌

10 reasons to love the bus nottingham

1. Buses help reduce congestion 🚗🚙🚛

Buses are one of the most efficient ways of moving people. A full bus at peak times can carry between 50-80 people, that’s 50-80 per bus that aren’t in cars adding to traffic. On busy routes there can be over 800 people an hour. So even if you don’t use the bus the fact that so many people do helps to keep you moving.

2. Take time for you 📖🎶

Take the stress out of your commute and let someone else do the driving! Read a book, chat to friends, give yourself time to wake up fully in the mornings or switch off at the end of the day, and with wifi and USB charging on more and more services you’ll never be bored on board.

3. Realtime information 🚌🚏

Realtime information takes the uncertainty out of your journey, all of Nottingham’s buses are fitted with GPS trackers which feed their location and eta back to over 1,500 bus stop displays. Over 90% of the city’s buses run on time* but sometimes things don’t go according to plan, traffic accidents, roadworks and technical problems can all cause issues but with realtime information – we can keep you in the loop.

4. Robin Hood 🏹

The local bus (and tram) operators have worked with the city council to bring you Robin Hood, which helps you get around the city without needing exact change or buying a multiple tickets. It has been no small task coordinating ticketing for the tram, rail and bus travel and we’re not resting on our laurels. We know there is more work that needs to be done to make Robin Hood even better and big changes are coming soon. We will shortly be introducing online top up and next year – contactless payment on all buses and trams.

5. Buses get you there faster ⏲

Nottingham has an extensive network of bus lanes on busy routes into and out of the city. At peak times these bus lanes come into their own, as the bus glides past queuing traffic and can take minutes off journey times.


6. Buses are a green choice! 💚

Not only are buses an efficient way of moving people, buses also have some of the lowest emissions per person of any other mode of transport.

7. And they are only getting greener 🌍

The brand new Euro VI diesel, biogas and electric buses on Nottingham’s streets have some of the lowest emissions around. Our city has some of the newest and shiniest buses in the country but even the older models will soon be greener then they seem. The Department for Transport recently awarded us money to adapt the older diesel double decker buses, which will make them 90% cleaner, and less polluting than a modern diesel car.

8. Proudly Nottingham based 🏙

Uniquely in the UK the three biggest bus operators in the city are all locally owned, Nottingham City Transport, Trent Barton and CT4N (who run the link services) all hail from the area. Which means they care about Nottingham, and making our public transport network as good as possible. In many other cities large multinational bus operators rule the roost but in Nottingham, we’re proud to keep it local.

9. Park & Ride 🅿➕🚍

Nottingham was the first city to offer all electric park & ride services, and remember parking is free at all of the park and ride sites, you just need to pay for the bus (or tram).

10. Connecting the dots 🔗

Our link buses fill in the gaps in the network that aren’t serviced by the commercial operators, for example the Medilink which shuttles between Queens Drive Park & Ride, City Hospital and the QMC.

*Stat from NCT