Charting a path to Nottingham’s Transport future

In partnership with Midlands Connect, Nottingham City Council hosted the Nottingham Transport Summit at Nottingham Trent University on Monday 16 January, with over 80 delegates attending to hear about exciting new projects.

Cllr David Mellen introduced the summit and spoke about the latest and future transport developments in the city.

Midlands Connect then presented an update on its proposals for rail improvements to Nottingham. One of these is the Nottingham to Lincoln line, passing through Newark Castle. The sub-national transport body is working on plans which would improve safety and reduce journey times.

A number of topics were discussed, but the main focus from Nottingham City Council was around sustainable innovative transport across the city. The presentation covered the electrification of road transport, new shared transport modes and had a focus on Future Transport Zone (FTZ) projects.

Three key projects were discussed:

  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS) – This will be a multi-purpose app where customers can plan their journeys, pay for transport, book transport services, find charging points and much more.
  • Real time data hub – Smart sensors will be placed around the city on major routes. These sensors can count vehicle volume and distinguish between vehicle types.
  • E-mobility hubs – Designated areas for hiring/parking e-scooters and e-bikes, charging transport and displaying information. These spaces will also incorporate greenery and planting to aid biodiversity.

The presentation concluded with a panel discussion hosted by:

  • Bharat Pathania – Technical Innovation Lead at Midlands Connect
  • Cllr Audra Wynter – Portfolio Holder for Transport at Nottingham City Council
  • Rasita Chudasama – Innovative Transport Manager at Nottingham City Council
  • Chris Carter – Head of Transport Strategy at Nottingham City Council

A number of questions were asked to the panel ranging from how to make sure the electric vehicle charging points are accessible to whether we have e-bikes for businesses.

Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Highways, Transport and Parks, Councillor Audra Wynter, said: “Both Nottingham City Council and Midlands Connect have such exciting plans for enhancing transport options in Nottingham. It is fantastic to come together and share these ideas with members of the community.”


You can read more about our innovative transport projects here and find out more about Midlands Connect here.

Header photo credit: Midlands Connect