HMRC venture into the world of sustainable travel

Zoe walking alongside a cycle-buddying mentor and bike


Cycling is a healthy, speedy and practical way of traveling to work. Even so, concerns about safety and fears of cycling alongside busy roads, especially during peak times, often deters people from the idea of cycling to work. Therefore, The Workplace Travel Service are working closely with businesses across the city to enable and encourage citizens to become resilient and regular cyclists.

Zoe, an employee of HMRC, took a bold step and enrolled in the beginner’s cycle-buddying session. Despite never riding a bike before Zoe was keen on finding out how to become a confident cyclist. A sustainable travel event provided by The Workplace Travel Service was able to offer Zoe with incentives, information and 1-2-1 cycle training to develop the skills to become a confident cyclist.

We spoke with Zoe about her experience of peddling a bike for the first time.

What made you consider signing up for the course?

I’ve always thought I was too old to learn how to cycle and felt a little embarrassed to learn now that I am older. But when I heard you could have a one-to-one cycle session for new learners I thought I’d seize the opportunity.

What were your perceptions of cycling prior to your session?

I never really considered cycling since I didn’t know how to cycle, but it was a valuable skill I always wanted to pick up. I just never found the time to learn and didn’t think I’d have time to cycle either.

What are your perceptions of cycling now?

It’s something I’m definitely looking into. It has a lot of health benefits that are associated with it.

How was your experience?

It exceeded my expectations. It’s motivated me to think about purchasing a bike and continue working on being a confident cyclist. Hopefully, cycling will become part of my daily routine.

What have you taken from the event?

Cycling is a really convenient skill to have. I was able to have a conversation on how people include cycling to their daily routine, which is interesting.

What would your advice be to other first time cyclists?

Don’t be afraid, it’s not as daunting as you think. It’s something you can continue progressing in.

Would you be keen on potentially cycling to work in the future?

Think cycling to work is something I’d definitely look into. It’s healthy but also a fun way of getting to work.

Has this course had an influence on the way you view active travel and cycling?

Yes, never really looked into it but the information stalls provided loads of valuable information and offers.

This event was held in partnership with Nottingham City Council’s Workplace Travel Service. The Workplace Travel Service provides travel advice and support to businesses within Nottingham City.

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