Junction improvements for buses

Overview of our Bus Priority Schemes

We have two proposed bus priority schemes, which are all outlined below.

Edwards Lane / Oxclose Lane

Map showing proposals for Edwards Lane Oxclose Lane

Work will start in summer 2024 at the Edwards Lane/Oxclose Lane/Arnold Road junction to improve access for buses – leading to smoother, more reliable journeys.

What’s happening?

  • Introducing a 24-hour bus lane southbound on Edwards Lane and extending the no waiting/loading restrictions to improve bus journey times and reliability
  • Improved traffic flows on the Edwards Lane/Oxclose Lane junction through the introduction of additional turn lanes
  • Priority for buses and management of traffic flows in real time through traffic signal upgrades

View the proposed scheme here.

Moor Bridge

Map showing proposals of Hucknall Lane Moor Bridge

Work will start in autumn 2024 on Moor Bridge roundabout between Hucknall Lane and Moor Bridge Road. This will see the introduction of new bus lanes and traffic signals, which will prioritise buses and improve journey times.

What’s happening?

  • Removing the mini roundabout and replacing it with traffic signals with push-button pedestrian crossings
  • Providing buses with priority at the junction, which will improve reliability and journey times
  • Introducing two new bus lanes on the inbound and outbound approach to the junction
  • Improving pedestrian and cyclist facilities, and addressing the road safety issues by introducing a toucan crossing

About the Greater Nottingham Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP)

Nottingham City Council have received government funding to deliver projects between 2023 and 2025.

While the Section 114 Report means that money Nottingham City Council can spend is currently strictly controlled, because external grant funding has previously been specifically allocated and approved for these schemes, it can continue to go ahead.

The Greater Nottingham Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) will deliver projects and programmes that improve the area’s bus services – including reducing fares for young people, delivering buses that are more frequent and reliable, and improving passenger waiting facilities.