Thank you to Nottingham drivers for supporting the NHS

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Thank YOU! Nottingham hackney taxi drivers support the NHS

We want to give a big thank you to all Nottingham drivers who have been offering free journeys to NHS workers, ensuring safe door to door transport between work and home. In a time where most people are not travelling and taxi use is severely reduced, it’s amazing to see the generosity of the drivers helping out where they can.

Taxi drivers who have been driving NHS workers
Taxi drivers Imran Hussain, middle, and Asif Maqsood, right.

See here to read more about the Nottingham hackney taxi drivers offering their services to NHS workers.


Protect yourself, protect your passengers

You never know who your next customer might be. Keep yourself and your passengers safe.  Follow Government advice on how to avoid spreading the coronavirus. Here are some precautions you can take to minimise your risk while working in your vehicle:

Coronavirus protect yourself and others

  • Keep antibacterial gel and wipes in your taxi at all times. Use this before and after handling any change or luggage. These need to have an alcohol percent above 60% to be effective
  • Advise passengers to pay by contactless card where possible if you have the ability to do so
  • Avoid direct contact with people and their belongings as much as possible. Where possible, ask passengers to load and unload their own belongings
  • Have a supply of tissues in your cab for passengers to catch coughs and sneezes
  • Clean surfaces regularly with sanitising spray or wipes to remove germs
  • If you are feeling unwell do not go to work


Hackney Carriage new vehicles

It is recognised with some sympathy that there may be some delays to the delivery of replacement vehicles either through existing production delays or transit delays because of the current Covid situation. There will be a continuation of the flexibility on a case-by-case basis for those drivers that have documentary evidence of the vehicle order to permit an extension for the existing vehicle (with standard MOT compliance etc.) for a specified period to synchronise with the delivery date of the replacement.

Please contact taxi licensing to discuss. Email &


Return of HC plates

To provide some flexibility at this difficult time we are extending the time that you can re-licence your hackney carriage. Instead of 1 month this will be extended to 3 months to enable a period of time to consider whether you wish to re-enter the trade with a new vehicle.

Please note, once a hackney carriage licence/plate has expired it may no longer be driven as a hackney carriage and may only be driven on a road as a private vehicle if it has been issued a private MOT.


Courtesy ULEV hackney cab now available!

For Nottingham hackney taxi drivers only, you can now borrow a Nottingham City Council licenced LEVC TX for free if your hackney has been in an accident and needs repairing. Give Amran Rashid from South Yorkshire Management Ltd. a call on 07743 898 688 and if a courtesy vehicle is available it’s yours to borrow while yours is in for repair, allowing you to continue to work.

Amran currently has two LEVC TXs and he’s looking to expand his fleet, keeping more drivers on the road.  You don’t even need to currently drive an LEVC TX to benefit as the service is available to any hackney cab.

Electric taxi


Receiving Council financial support to insure your ULEV taxi – the benefits using Plan Insurance

Plan Insurance have over 30 years’ experience, with an extensive understanding and knowledge of the taxi insurance industry. They provide quotations from a panel of insurers, which helps provide transparency and alternative quotations for taxi drivers to compare.

If you’re receiving financial support for your first year’s Insurance of your LEVC TX or Dynamo from Nottingham City Council, then Plan Insurance provides various quotations, which as standard will include:

  • Free £100,000 Legal Insurance policy.
  • An additional £50 off your policy increasing the Council support to £1,250
  • Free fault replacement taxi policy – you will be supplied with a plated taxi regardless of the type of accident so you can continue to work
  • Free Public liability policy to a minimum of £5million

As Plan Insurance work with from a panel of insurers, some of the policies will also include as standard:

Plan Insurance logo

  • Lock Replacement
  • Customer luggage Replacement
  • Cost of Replacement signage/livery
  • £1,000 towards Accessories & In-vehicle Equipment
  • Fare Money and Personal effects up to £500

If you’ve received financial support from the Council and are insuring your new ULEV taxi for the first time contact Plan Insurance on 0800 542 2743 or for a free quotation today.


Wireless taxi charging

Nottingham City Council will be trialling ‘wireless’ electric taxi charging.  Funding from Innovate UK has been secured to pioneer a trial in Nottingham, helping the city take more steps towards reducing emissions and cleaning up our air.

The first phase of the project will be for us to buy a number of new ULEV taxis (LEVC TX or Nissan Dynamo), retrofit them to accept wireless charging, and then do tests at Eastcroft to ensure everything works correctly. This phase is expected to take a year, and then we’ll be installing charging pads on a taxi rank near Nottingham station for real world testing.

Wireless charging could revolutionise the way electric taxis operate, allowing charging while waiting at a rank rather than having to take time out to charge up, as well as allowing multiple cabs to charge at the same time as they move up the rank.

Sally Longford, deputy leader at Nottingham City Council, said: “Nottingham is very excited to host the trial of this new type of innovative charging technology, keeping us ahead of the pack, and helping to promote cleaner taxis in our city and potentially take us a further step forward towards our goal of being carbon neutral by 2028.”

Graphic showing how wireless charging works


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