Work starts to build better walking and cycling routes into the city

A CGI of the planned works in Bilborough showing a segregated cycle path by Beechdale Road shops.

Construction will start on 31 July to build a new walking and cycling route in Bilborough along Beechdale Road, Hollington Road and Wigman Road. Using the latest design standards, existing on-road cycle lanes will be replaced with better, safer segregated paths, and improvements will be made to junctions and pedestrian crossings. These upgraded routes will create better connections to the wider cycle network, and provide a safer route for residents, businesses and schools.

Councillor Angela Kandola, Nottingham City Council’s portfolio holder for Transport said: “It’s exciting news that work will begin on this project following the positive consultation on the proposals last year.

“Where we have built high-quality segregated paths elsewhere in the city we have seen not just an increase in cycling, but a greater diversity of people cycling. This investment in good local infrastructure will help support more people to use walk or cycle for shorter, local trips – something we’ve been recognised as being among the best in the country in a national survey this week.

“Creating a safer space separate from traffic encourages children and older people to cycle too, which is great for health and wellbeing. We want to encourage more people to walk or cycle as we work towards the city’s target to be carbon neutral by 2028 and these improved routes will help to inspire more people to replace short car journeys with cleaner, greener, active ones.”

The key features of the proposed improvements are:

  • Segregated two-way cycle lane on southern side of Wigman Road to Glaisdale Drive roundabout
  • Segregated two-way cycle lane on northern sides of Wigman Road from Glaisdale Drive roundabout to Chingford/Caincross junction
  • Segregated two-way cycle lane at the end of Beechdale Road, at the junction with Western Boulevard
  • Segregated two-way cycle lane on the north side of Hollington Road and the first section of Beechdale Road
  • Junction and pedestrian crossing improvements.

Construction works will progress in short sections along the road, starting by removing the central reservation from the Western Boulevard end and working westwards towards the Beechdale pub. The full project is expected to complete in summer 2024.

Traffic will continue to be able to travel in both directions during the works, and access for local residents and businesses will be maintained at all times.

Working in partnership, Nottingham City and Derby City Councils secured £161 million from the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund to invest in local transport infrastructure that will improve sustainable transport, support growth, and encourage more low carbon journeys.

More information on the project can be found here.