An update on our Transport budget proposals

Back in December, Nottingham City Council put forward a number of proposed budget cuts, including a variety of potential changes to how public transport.

Last week, the Council discussed the budget proposals required to close the £50million funding gap in 2024/2025. You can read more about that here.

We asked for your input on some of the transport-specific proposals in the budget, so that we could get more information on how they would impact on residents and use that evidence to try to mitigate some of the proposed cuts.

We can now update you that:

  • Current link bus services will be retained by using alternative funding sources that we hope to secure. Funding for the Medilink service will be removed from April 2025 but in the meantime, the council will work with the NHS Trust to develop an alternative operating model for the service.
  • Public transport infrastructure, including Park & Ride sites at Queen’s Drive and Colwick and the real time information displays at bus stops, will be retained by using alternative funding sources, subject to review in the wider region and the emerging Combined Authority from 2025/26.
  • Concessionary fares will be reviewed in conjunction with the wider region and the emerging Combined Authority to ensure a consistency of approach. Efficiencies will be created within smart ticketing and the removal of on-street Robin Hood ticket machines.

Thank you again for your passionate feedback.

Nottingham City Council will set its final budget for 2024/2025 at a meeting of all city Councillors on 4 March.