Clean Air Around Our School Streets

A School Streets planter on Dorothy Grove

In a recent online survey, 80% of parents and guardians were in support of the School Streets at their child’s school and wanted to see additional measures in place to improve compliance.

A School Street is a scheme to help provide a safe and welcoming space to encourage more children and parents to walk, scoot and cycle to school. On a School Street, certain roads are closed to through-traffic with help provided to use alternative routes or ‘park and stride facilities’, where available.

Children are more at risk from vehicle air pollution because of their size. Reducing the number of vehicles around schools helps to create a safer environment for children, as well as reduce how much air pollution from vehicles that they are subjected to.

A School Streets planter

In Nottingham, we have chosen to use planters and signs to mark the extents of School Streets and we have shared information with residents, parents, and school staff about the benefits of School Streets. It’s important to work with the next generation to spread knowledge and understanding about the harmful effects of air pollution, as well as the benefits of their School Street!

The Road Safety Education team have also been working closely with one of our partner charity organisations, Sustrans, to deliver numerous activities and training to the schools. The training helps raise awareness of the benefits of School Streets and gives pupils new skills to enable them to choose active travel for  school journeys. Sustrans are also involved with organising Play Streets. Find out more about stewarding Sustrans Play Streets here.

Did you know? The most recent traffic surveys of the School Streets have shown a reduction of up to 50% of vehicles entering the schemes compared to before the planters were installed!

We currently have 11 School Streets in place across Nottingham:
  • Carrington, Sherwood
  • St Augustine’s, Mapperley
  • Stanstead, Bulwell Forest
  • Jubilee, Bilborough
  • Brocklewood, Bilborough
  • William Booth, Dales
  • Henry Whipple, Bestwood
  • Greenfields, Meadows
  • Highbank, Clifton East
  • Sycamore, St Anns
  • Robert Shaw, Leen Valley

Want to find out more? Click here to learn more about creating car-free School Streets.

A School Street planter reducing through traffic