Walking and cycling are among the best ways to get to and from school.

By creating car-free school streets the space outside our schools will become much safer for those walking and cycling, and will hopefully encourage more students to get active on their way to and from school.

Trials are taking place outside eight schools in the city during the autumn term. The extra space outside school will support social distancing and, as an added benefit, contribute to better air quality outside the school gates.

Restrictions are in place during the school run until further notice, with temporary barriers and signs in place all day. Vehicle access for residents, including deliveries, school staff and businesses, is being maintained throughout.

The council is supporting the scheme by sending travel information packs to 10,000 residents living near each of the closed roads. These packs contain information on learning to cycle, bike maintenance and local facilities, as well as suggested walking routes.

For more information see our news page.

Trials are taking place outside the following schools:

  • Djanogly Northgate Academy, Berridge
  • Greenfields Community School, The Meadows
  • Sycamore Academy, St Ann’s
  • Stanstead Primary & Nursery School, Bulwell Forest
  • Bulwell St Mary’s Primary & Nursery School
  • Carrington Primary & Nursery School, Sherwood
  • Highbank Primary & Nursery School, Clifton East
  • St Augustine’s Catholic Primary & Nursery School, Mapperley