Nottingham City Council wins two CiTTi awards

Nottingham City Council has taken home two CiTTi (City Transport and Traffic Innovation) awards in recognition of our Workplace Parking Levy scheme.

Nottingham City Councils Parking Services team, part of the Growth and City Development Directorate, were successful this week in winning two awards at the City Transport and Traffic Innovation (CiTTi) event.

The Workplace Parking Levy won “The Conduent Transportation Congestion Reduction Award” and “The Road User Charging Award”, to add to a growing number of awards achieved for our innovative scheme.

The CiTTi Awards celebrate the hard work and innovation demonstrated by public and private-sector organisations in enabling the clean, safe and efficient movement of people, goods and materials through urban environments in the UK.

Road User Charging award

In 2007, the Council was faced with the ever-growing issue of congestion and knew it had to act quickly to enable Nottingham to grow sustainably. The Road User Charging Award recognises our innovative approach to tackling this problem through the introduction of the Workplace Parking Levy (WPL), the first of its kind in Europe. The WPL is an example of a highly effective transport policy which, through careful planning and development and working collaboratively with local businesses, has been able to overcome the challenges faced to deliver wide-ranging transport infrastructure improvements.

Congestion Reduction award

The Congestion Reduction Award recognises the WPL’s transformation of the city’s transport network and the results this has delivered. The WPL has helped to regenerate neighbourhoods, link socially disadvantaged communities with training and job opportunities, reduce harmful emissions and improve the city’s green credentials. The scheme has connected the people of Nottingham with healthcare, education and employment facilities, by working together with transport operators to deliver investment of over £1 billion into the city’s transport network and encouraging changes which benefit everyone.

Since the introduction of Nottingham’s Workplace Parking Levy in 2012 – the first scheme of its kind in Europe – it has directly raised over £90m and helped to lever in more than £1bn of inward investment in sustainable transport for the city. 

Our Workplace Parking Levy ten year impact report shows how in its first ten years the WPL has played a part in constraining congestion growth by 47%, saving the city £15m per year, and contributed towards improved air quality and Nottingham’s ambition to become the first carbon neutral UK city by 2028.  

Councillor Angela Kandola, Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Transport, said: “I was proud and happy to accept these awards on behalf of Nottingham City Council. It’s amazing to see what the Workplace Parking Levy has achieved and continues to achieve and great to see our officers and pioneering scheme getting recognition in this way.”

“I am so proud of our officers, they do a fantastic job, they are very committed and passionate and this is the result.”