New bus lane on the A610 – project complete!

A Transforming Cities-funded project designed to cut public transport journey times and relieve pressure at a pinch point on the A610 is complete.  

Our project teams were nominated for two CiHT awards for this project.

This scheme builds on existing improvements made along the A610 bus corridor. These include the upgraded digital public transport information at bus stops and traffic light priority for late running buses as part of a package of bus service improvement measures being delivered as part of the Transforming Cities Fund Programme.

Works at and around Cinderhill Island began in spring 2023 with the aim of improving bus journey times and improving the area for pedestrians and cyclists.  

Residents, bus passengers and drivers can now enjoy the benefits of: 

  • A new 24-hour bus lane – passengers on trentbarton’s Rainbow One should see the benefits of more reliability and improved journey times for this and other northbound bus services. 
  • A safer road for all users with the speed limit lowered from 50mph to 40mph in certain zones 
  • A new quiet cycle route provided along Nottingham Road as well as a new bus and cycle lane southbound between Nuthall Bypass and Nottingham Road 
  • Improved pedestrian crossing facilities at the junction of Bells Lane and Cinderhill Island 
  • A new dedicated right hand turn lane on Nuthall Bypass approaching Cinderhill Island 

A map of the bus priority measures can be seen below

TCF2 scheme map – Cinderhill Island Bus Priority Proposals