What's happening?

Every year we complete a programme of road maintenance in neighbourhoods which seals and waterproofs the surface to help protect the road from further damage.

On 26 streets the existing surface will be overlaid using a specialist vehicle with a mix of bitumen and aggregate. This process is known as ‘microsurfacing’ and helps prolong the life of the road surface.

Microsurfacing is a vital preventative measure which slows the deterioration of the surface and keeps the roads in good condition reducing the need for more substantial and costly repairs. Our annual maintenance programme aims to stay ahead of the game, and help keep Nottingham moving by preserving a smooth and safe surface.

The work itself is quite quick, as each road can be treated in one or two days. However, this is weather dependent so the exact schedule may be subject to change if there is heavy rain or a cold snap.

Work will begin Tuesday 29 May on a rolling programme to cover 26 streets. Affected residents have been notified by letter and on-street notices will be displayed in advance of the work.


How will this affect traffic?

The process is quite quick and can be completed in a few hours but the road does need to be clear of parked vehicles before work can begin. Residents on the affected streets have been notified and we will work to provide ad hoc access if required during the works.


*Please note these dates are weather dependant and may be subject to change.

Street Ward Estimated date
Lerwick Close Clifton East 29-31 May
Fairisle Close Clifton East 29-31 May
Huntly Close Clifton East 29-31 May
Glenlivet Gardens Clifton East 29-31 May
Sumburgh Road Clifton East 29-31 May
Friar Street Lenton & Wollaton East 31 May – 3 June
Old Church Street Lenton & Wollaton East 32 May – 3 June
The Ropewalk Castle 3 – 4 June
Grantleigh Close Wollaton West 4 – 5 June
Yalding Drive Wollaton West 5 – 6 June
Yalding Gardens Wollaton West 5 – 6 June
Ambleside Road Aspley 6 -7 June
Bankwood Close Aspley 7/10 June
Allendale Avenue Aspley 10 – 12 June
Exbourne Road Aspley 12 – 13 June
Wycliffe Street Berridge 13 – 14 June
Haddon Street Sherwood 13 – 14 June
Cameron Street Sherwood 13 – 14 June
Crossman Street Sherwood 15 – 18 June
Sceptre Street Sherwood 15 – 18 June
Burnham Street Sherwood 18 – 19 June
Mapperley Street Sherwood 18 – 19 June
Dornoch Avenue Sherwood 19 – 20 June
Cresta Gardens Sherwood 19 – 20 June
Goyden Close Bestwood 20 – 21 June
Gautries Close Bestwood 20 – 21 June