Project overview

Work starts at the end of July to build new cycling and walking infrastructure along Beechdale Road, Hollington Road and Wigman Road. The build is expected to take around 12 months, and will happen in stages.

A consultation on these proposals was held in 2021 and construction will include;

  • Segregated two-way cycle lane on Southern side of Wigman Road to Glaisdale Drive Roundabout
  • Segregated two-way cycle lane on Northern sides of Wigman Road from Glaisdale Drive Roundabout to Chingford/Caincross Junction
  • Segregated two-way cycle lane at the end of Beechdale Road, at the junction with Western Boulevard
  • Segregated two-way cycle lane on the north side of Hollington Road and the first section of Beechdale Road
  • Junction and pedestrian crossing improvements.

More information on this project

Stage One - Summer 2023

Plan of works – the first stage

  • Construction works will progress in short sections along the road, starting from the Western Boulevard end and working westwards towards the Beechdale pub.
  • This will begin with the removal of the central reservation along Beechdale Road.

How will this affect traffic?

  • Traffic will continue to be able to travel in both directions during the works.
  • Some bus stops will be closed and located to temporary positions.
  • Some parking areas will be suspended whilst the works are undertaken and access across driveways may be impacted for short periods
  • Whilst the works are taking place in front of your property, access will be maintained at all times and our team will be available answer any questions.