We’re Building an Active Nottingham

Cyclist on new cycle route along Canal Street

Why travel actively?

Active travel is a fantastic way to help improve our air quality. Consider using the car less, as some journeys can easily be replaced by active travel. Travelling under your own steam can help to reduce traffic and air pollution from vehicle exhausts.

Travelling actively is not only good for reducing emissions, however. Walking and cycling have fantastic health benefits both mentally and physically:

  • Doing a little exercise like walking is scientifically proven to make us feel happier
  • Short walks everyday have the potential to increase productivity by up to 30%
  • Walking 2 miles a day, 3 times a week can help reduce weight by one pound every 3 weeks (that’s about 30-40 minutes of walking 3 times a week)

What have we been up to?

We have been working hard to deliver our programme of walking and cycling improvements to provide the facilities so that you can travel more actively. Here’s a look at our programme of works that we have begun working on since Clean Air Day last year:

  • The construction of a toucan crossing, widening, and resurfacing of footways, providing cycle priority over Burgess Road junction for cyclists heading southbound and new segregated cycleway on Porchester Road. More information available here.
  • Nottingham Ring Road improvements – moving NCN 6
  • The development of City Centre Cycle Routes which includes 2-way segregated cycle lanes on Canal Street to connect to the Western Cycle Corridor on Castle Boulevard and the construction of a one-way contraflow cycle lane on Station Street.
  • We have built a section of segregated stepped track cycle lane on Hucknall Road and on site building large lengths of this on Hucknall Road. More information here.
  • Continued to enhance the cycle route and priority for cyclists at side roads along the Ring Road such as the Valley Road section. More information here.
  • Improvements on Derby Road for cyclists and pedestrians – more information available here
  • Upgrading the Haydn Road/Nottingham Road junction with pedestrian crossings – more information available here
  • Improved connection between Arkwright Walk, Meadows Way, and the City Centre
  • We have upgraded the underpass and connections through Queens Drive Park and Ride
Cyclist on new cycleway along Hucknall Road
Hucknall Road Cycle Corridor

Active travel in the community

We have also been working with our partner organisations (RideWise, Sustrans, Bikeworks, British Cycling) to promote active travel as a means of transport and a leisure activity. Through our partners we have promoted events and competitions to get people out of the car and onto their bikes. Take a look at what our partners have going on.

Children cycling at an event held by British Cycling
British Cycling community events

We want to make Nottingham a city where you can easily walk, cycle, or scoot to your destination either as one trip or by integrating with our transport network. We thank you for your support and patience as we work to achieve this.